H.O.P.E. Ministries - Beyond Incarceration Program
Restoring Families - Rebuilding Communities
Restoring Families - Rebuilding Communities

Helping Out People Everyday (H.O.P.E.) Ministries is a California faith based non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation
established in 2011. We are located in south Stockton, known as
the heart of the city’s "mean streets." We
operate as a safe harbor in a sea of violence
providing programs and services to both adults and youth in our
We also function by the grace of volunteers and donations.   

Our volunteers consist of judicial leaders within our community, parolees committed to improving their lives
after release and even inmates serving long term or life sentences
in California prisons who have made a life-
saving decision to help in reducing the
number of adult and youth peer offenders at risk for recidivism or becoming
for the first time. 

Although we are a faith based organization; our programs, services and help are offered to all in need who seek it
regardless of any affiliation.



This website is still under construction;  please pardon our mess as we continue to develop it.
Thank you and welcome to H.O.P.E Ministries!