Common Sense Parenting
Helping Out People Everyday Ministries under the direction of Pastor Valerie Frazier, is honored to provide Common Sense Parenting classes as part of our vision that "All individuals and families are restored with a HOPE that through love, respect and an appreciation for life; our homes and communities become healthier and safer."  Pastor Frazier adds her unique delivery of an age proven program with a twist of compassion, empathy and a lot of love.  Her experience in the judicial system and love for people allows us to provide resources to the families above the curriculum.  Clients are referred from  San Joaquin juvenile probation but anyone committed to change can apply for the 6 session course.

Classes are held at:

H.O.P.E. Ministries
544 E. Clay St.
Stockton, Ca 95206
(209) 464-1731

Next class schedule to be announced soon. Contact us to reserve a spot.

Common Sense Parenting Overview

Common Sense Parenting (CSP) is a parenting program that can be applied to every family. The program's ​easy-to-learn techniques address issues of ​communication, discipline, decision making, relationships, self-control and school success. Classes are taught at Helping Out People Everyday Ministries

The proactive skills and techniques taught in Common Sense Parenting classes have helped parents from diverse backgrounds create ​healthy family ​relationships that foster safety and well-being at home, in school and in the community.

Common Sense Parenting classes help parents:

·         Build strong, healthy relationships

·         Correct and change problem behaviors

·         Minimize problems that disrupt family life

·         Raise responsible, caring children

·         Communicate effectively

·         Avoid power struggles

·         Control your emotions

·         Balance discipline with affection

·         Praise a child's good behavior

Professionally trained parent trainers teach the course ​and provide instruction, consultation ​and support.