Learning Management System

2020 Technological Expansion Proposal

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For the last Decade Helping Out People Everyday Ministries (H.O.P.E.) and Pastor Valerie Frazier has had a positive impact on not only individual lives but Families, Communities, and the County. Established on the concept of “Restoring the community one person, one family, one neighborhood, one community at a time.” H.O.P.E. Min. has reached Youth, Inmates, Parolees, Probationers, Homeless, having a spiritual impact on many areas of San Joaquin County.

            Like all good things H.O.P.E Min. has reached a logistical maximum in its current state. A maximum saturation of services has been reached. Most would believe that expensive facilities and hiring professional staff would be the logical next step. These options are not off the planning board but would cost tens of thousands of dollars and are not currently reachable within H.O.P.E. Min. financial back bone, nor do they contain the key ingredient of H.O.P.E. Min. success. The personal touch of Love and strong relationship that Pastor Frazier is known for. She is highly selective of those she empowers within her ministry and the lives of those that God brings into her life. Big buildings and professional staff would be difficult to maintain the quality of services and Love of H.O.P.E Ministries.

          Matthew 19:26 KJV

26 But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is imposible; but with God all things are possible.

            Welcome to the 21st century and technology. Todays society is saturated with Tablets, Smartphones, Smart TV’s and computers. During the Presidency of Barrack Obama the internet was put into the hands of almost every citizen in the country. Our children have access to more information than ever in history and they’re not afraid to use it for better or for worse. So we propose that we use this technology to expand and improve H.O.P.E. Min. impact with what’s known in the educational industry as a blended learning system, that empowers the existing staff of H.O.P.E. Min. to reach a virtually unlimited number of people with the current curriculum enhanced by the interaction on the internet, unrestricted by time and location. This requires two basic ingredients of the 21st century, Hardware and Software. The hardware comes in the form of tablets and a computer to enhance the current in house or classroom environment. The software comes in the form of a Learning Management System or (LMS).

            The following proposal includes an Explanation of what a LMS is and its benefits. The actual application of the hardware and LMS as it will be used in the Services H.O.P.E. Min. already provides. We will also provide a financial sustainability plan to maintain it as well as expand with it.                 Let’s Learn.

What is an LMS and What Will It Do?

What’s an LMS?

learning management system, or LMS, is a fancy word for software that will help us create, administer, manage, and analyze eLearning courses and trainings. As a centralized hub for information and learning resources, LMSs are essentially the engine that powers eLearning. Without this software, educational institutes have a hard time hosting and evaluating trainings, courses, and other eLearning initiatives. Our LMSs will be cloud-based and have the look and feel of a regular website that administrators, instructors, partners and people can all access.

What will an LMS do for us?

#1. LMS will make administration easy

Administrative tasks will be a breeze with LMSs. Our learning management systems will apply the most user-friendly interfaces possible to simplify user processes and functions. We understand that our administrators may not be as tech-savvy and the programs will be so easy to use so that no IT experience or knowledge is required. Administrators have every tool available to simplify their work processes; They can add and remove courses or materials, import and export files, control user options, and thousands of other configurable options available via the LMS platform.


#2. Software that facilitates learning

Learners, especially those of the tech savvy generation, appreciate a central location where training, courses, and resources are held. They especially like deviating from the traditional classroom learning and are opting for online-based courses instead. Why is this so? LMSs provide intuitive and interactive learning environments that engage the student to learn in a fun but structured way. Software for learning provides far greater resources and tools than a traditional classroom would, making learning diverse for People and facilitates the development of skills via the LMS.


#3. 24/7 remote access with LMSs

Depending on who you talk to, they will tell you that one of the most useful features to emerge from LMSs is a responsive interface that gives administrators, instructors, and students access to courses and resources around the clock 24 hours, 7 days a week. To a regular user, LMSs just look like websites with URLs and login credentials instead of a software platform. Our LMSs will offer mobile apps for phones, tablets, and other devices where users can access information just as they would on the regular website. This will allow us to provide classes and support to people anytime anywhere. Expanding the resources we currently provide beyond the current Face to Face limited time schedules we currently employ. It doesn’t eliminate Hugs it just sends them virtually and removes current time and geographical limitations to our services.


#4. LMSs provide learning resources specific to learning needs

Since traditional classroom learning depends heavily on the instructor, students may receive information, resources, and materials that do not meet their special needs. With LMSs, all learning materials can be customized to the needs of the users, independent of their location or the time they are accessing the course. Online courses via LMSs are usually naturally intuitive and self-guided to shift the learning development responsibility from the instructors to the learners. Inconsistent learning resources also make it very difficult to measure and evaluate how the materials provided by the teacher have impacted student’s success in the course; but with learning management systems, tracking and reporting for courses is automatic and in real time.


#5. Tracking and reporting capabilities

We need to be able to measure, evaluate, and present data as evidence that students are receiving quality information that is actually leading to productive learning. Our current classroom-based courses without LMSs are difficult to track and are highly subjective to teacher interpretation: did a training fail or work because of the instructor or was it the coursework that was not engaging enough? LMSs take the guesswork out of this task by tracking, evaluating, and reporting on course activity and measuring them against course goals. So, when it comes time to present result, We simply login to our LMSs and download instantaneous reports in real time to show their data. This Data can also be sent to our sponsors or partners to show what their investment is doing.

#6. LMS is a cost-effective approach to expanding our services

In comparison to hiring people or Professionals and training them in our style for every service, LMS will automate the learning process and provide our services with a cost-effective way to get courses and materials out to the people and kids. Similarly, allowing us to have a broader reach of education as courses are web-based and are not tied down to a physical location; we can then offer more services to more people and children without the need to expand physical facility or be limited to the clock and calendar.

Social LMS Increases Learner Engagement

In the words of the great Benjamin Franklin, “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”

So what are the key features of Social LMS?

#1. Discussions and Community

Social LMSs are now teacherstudent enablement communities that reinforce networking in the learning environment. Here, students and teachers can build an educational support group to exchange ideas, discuss difficult lessons, and connect on a personal level with likeminded peers in the same course or around the world. Collaborative learning then happens naturally as trainees discuss topics, exercises, and share ideas amongst each other.


#2. Comments and Ratings

Social learning management systems with features like comments and ratings enable posters to questionclarify, and elaborate on important issues regarding the trainings. Students feel more comfortable asking and answering questions as well as voicing opinions when they are in an online environment.

Ratings also allow people to rate the value of the course content and course administrators can use this feedback to release course and software updates that make the Social LMS experience run more smoothly.


#3. Blogs

Blogs as a feature to social LMS are a great way for trainees to learn from others, to reflect on the material learned, to share stories, and to create a bridge between people and their thoughts. In the case of language learning in LMS, teachers can enrich classrooms by assigning activities guided towards helping students train writing in the course language and allowing for other students to peer review the writing.


#4. Virtual Classrooms

Arguably the most important tool available in most social LMS, the virtual classroom opens the door to endless learning possibilities by giving classroom access to anyone, anywhere in the world via the internet. Some people are visual learners and they need a real person to explain a concept to them as opposed to reading it from a computer screen. Instructors can offer live classes that will also be recorded and can be replayed by the trainee as many times as they need, enabling him or her to retain the material at their own comfortable pace.


#5. Applications and Document Sharing

The flow of information between people is one of the most effective ways to share and acquire knowledge. Thus, when online training software supports document sharing and transfers among users, they learn from one another at the same time as they are learning from the course. Learners can share essential information and documents that may not elsewhere be available to the public and increase the wealth of knowledge.

Collaborative teams achieve greater success in training and social LMS is the foundation for such success. Coursework is important but can be monotonous and tedious if not supplemented with some degree of social learning. Social learning does wonderful things for learners – it opens the door for educated topical discussions, creates learner-generated content, and engages users in a support group of information that guides trainees to learning awarenesscomprehension, and understanding that would otherwise not be possible in a traditional online or in-person classroom setting.

First we are a church of Christ and the worship services are every Sunday

Social networking coupled with educational materials and live feed capabilities would allow H.O.P.E. Min. to increase our ministries and community services. It would provide an immediate increase and keep up as the programs expand, change, or new ones are added. We believe it to be a cost effective relatively simply solution to our growing pains and to meet the need for expansion of our services in the community. Here’s a brief description of how it could be applied to each of our current services.

  • The LMS will not only stream Worship services to those who are unable to attend but allow them to interact with the service Via live feeds.
  • Courses can bring the word from Worship on Sunday to a weekly learning experience, empowering parishioners to interact with discussions and comments.
  • Tablets will allow members with specific learning needs to have the service provided in a format that meets their individual needs.
  • Bible studies becomes an ongoing interactive environment for everyone to get involved in learning the word in church and anytime.
  • Allowing private social network for all church members to interact and strengthen their relationship with God through learning with each other as monitored and instructed by our Pastor.
  • Choir could share audio files recorded on their phones share music and participate in formal on going music lessons provided at learn at your own pace format.
  • Praise dancers can interact in a Social media format sharing video of new dance throughout the week and be better prepared and involved during rehearsal.
  • Each area can be isolated in their own social network allowing members to get involved in area they are needed or interested in.

Community Service classes Cognitive Behavioral Intervention (CBI) and Common Sense Parenting (CSP)

  • Courses and content can be continued online allowing clients the ability to discuss and learn beyond the classroom environment.
  • Client support can be given between clients in real time via chat rooms that can be monitored.
  • Use of Chrome books in the classroom will permanently save progress and make it accessible to instructors, probation, parole or any designated agency, anytime with a secure log in and user group.
  • Alumni forums can be sustained after successful completion allowing graduates permanent access to class materials and interaction via video audio or chat forums all monitored by instructors in real time.
  • Analytics of progress and comprehension of clients participation can be provided in the form of reports and accessible at any time.

Beyond Incarceration

  • Inmates can communicate via monitored chats with mentors inside and outside the institution.
  • Facility tours can be applied for online and instructional information can be provided before tours take place.
  • Before tours Panel can have access to not only questionnaire but video testimony by youth and their parents to give a more personal understanding before tours.
  • After tours to institution parents and youth can have continued monitored contact via chats, blogs and video with inmates to facilitate growth and support beyond one visit.
  • Training programs can be provided to inmates via LMS to inmate panel online. To continually improve quality of program and meet educational needs of expansion

Choices and Consequences

  • Continued contact with students who are impacted by program. Immediate accesses to pre prepared content based on students needs after first contact.
  • Provide individual learning environment for students based upon their personal, academic, social, or developmental needs.
  • Mentor program via monitored communication between peers’ instructors and approved entity via chat and blogs. Realtime crisis intervention by staff and peers in real time.
  • Continued DUI, substance abuse, or specific courses based on evidence-based assessments and surveys. for targeted students based on evidence-based programs and real situations.

All programs can be designed to provide real time information on attendance progress and reports to necessary personnel i.e.; Teachers, Parents, Probation, Parole Officers and Case Managers, Counselors and approved entities.


            There are no limitations to content and diversity of services that can be provided all in a simple to use format. This is just the beginning of what can be provided. Project or event management administration training and everything saved on the cloud and easily accessible.

            The LMS system comes with hundreds of easy to use modules to create content in just as many styles. Interactive videos, quizzes, surveys, gamification, timelines for information release are just a few. Grading, badges and point systems can applied to any course or classroom. Diversity and expansion are built into the system.

So what’s it going to cost?

This startup cost projection includes Development ,Training and 1 year of LMS service.

LMS System

Site construction and start up 1X cost                                               $2,500.00 1X

Annual cost of site for 50-250 users                                                   $7,500.00 Annual

Total cost first year                                                                                 $9,500.00


1          ViewSonic IFP7550-C2 75″ 4K Interactive Display (Bundle)  $4,900.00

Purchased June 2020

1          Media Computer with multi monitor and mirror cast.             $1,800.00

Purchased May 2020

35        Chrome Books                                                                              $7,000.00

1          Secure charging cabinet for Chrome Books                            $   800.00

Total Hardware Cost                                                                               $12,700.00


Total Cost                                                                                                                 $17,300.00

It may seem like a lot but look at Brick, Mortar and Employees.  

1 $15.00 an hour employee with no benefits                $31,200.00 Annual

1 Facility with 100 person capacity                                  $5,000.00 Monthly


Total for new facility and 1 employee                            $91,000.00 Annual

This system allows existing staff to create content that can reach up to 250 users and is not limited to Time, Facility size or Gas money. It requires minimal training for our existing personnel to use. It has a recurring annual cost of less than $10,000.00.

Of course, New facility and increased professional staff are also our Goals and are in our future. However, reaching and improving the lives of people is our Mission. A blended learning system has the maximum effect and minimum investment and immediate results.

We need your support!


The LMS system comes with a built-in marketing and subscription software. We can sell courses, products, media or take donations. Subscriptions are monthly and can be provided as individual, family or Group rates. Progress reports can be provided to Investors, Schools or referring agencies can pay monthly or annual access to Progress/Reports on referred clients.


After initial investment the program can be sustained by;

40 monthly memberships at $20.00 each.

500 subscribers at $20.00= $10,000.00/month (or that employee and a facility).